Sunday, December 5, 2021

Look What's In Store For RVers In California

 For now it is just a bill in California, but if it becomes reality our camping days in California will be over. It is a fact that many RVers already have and prefer solar panels against using generators, but forcing people to not use generators or off-road small engine run vehicles (ATVs) is absolutely outrageous and non-efficient when it comes to fight climate change. It is a typical example how some politicians can go overboard with seemingly idiotic proposals. And here it is, read it yourself:

Legislation to ban motorhome and portable generators threatens RVers

ByChuck Woodbury
December 4, 2021

SATURDAY, DEC. 5, 2021 — A seemingly innocuous air pollution proposal before the California Legislature could ban the sale of portable generators in the state, and have a crippling effect on RVers who rely on them to power their rigs when shore power is not available.

According to definition of the proposal, the ban could include the use of generators installed in most motorhomes and other motorized RVs. RVers who travel with trailers and fifth wheels would be unable to use portable generators.

What is confusing at the moment is if the bill intends to ban the use of portable generators and/or ban the sale of them beginning in 2024. We will follow up on this tomorrow when state offices open again, and update for next Sunday’s issue.

Assembly Bill 1346 would compel the California Air Resources Board to adopt regulations by July 1, 2022, to prohibit emissions from all small off-road engine engines (SORE) including portable generators. While it may be intended to promote the use of battery-operated lawn and garden equipment, it will also result in banning the sale of portable generators in the state as soon as 2024.
(a) (1) By July 1, 2022, the state board shall, consistent with federal law, adopt cost-effective and technologically feasible regulations to prohibit engine exhaust and evaporative emissions from new small off-road engines, as defined by the state board. Those regulations shall apply to engines produced on or after January 1, 2024, or as soon as the state board determines is feasible, whichever is later.

The proposal assumes that portable generators could be replaced with so-called ZEE generators (zero-emission equipment). However, ZEE “generators” rely on battery power and electricity for charging that is not available during power outages and natural disasters. These ZEE units are typically five to twenty times the cost of gasoline-powered portable generators, yet they only provide backup power for a short period of time (typically 1-2 hours) before the battery is discharged. Furthermore, once the batteries are discharged, they cannot be recharged during power outages without expensive solar panels or expensive spare charged batteries.

For these reasons, the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association (PGMA) is requesting an exemption for portable generators be included in the proposal.

An estimated 1.5 million portable generators exist in California, primarily used by residents during natural disasters and during frequent rolling blackouts enacted by local utilities to mitigate demand on the power grid or protect against fire danger.

RVers rely on their built-in and portable generators to provide power when they boondock without hookups, to charge their batteries or to power their rigs during emergencies when household power is unavailable for one reason or another. For many, it would effectively cripple their ability to camp on public lands for extended periods. 

PGMA has formally requested that the bill’s author exempt portable generators in AB 1346. Californians who wish to contact their representative or senator to voice their support for this exemption should visit


  1. California is full of crazies. We quit going there several years ago. I guess people who hate generators will still be camping but if it passes it will affect a whole lot of people.

  2. Heck, we LIVE in California and we don’t camp here at all. Just out of state. This is a stupid law that will also threaten the livelihood of thousands of lawn and garden workers who rely on this work because they cane from out of this country for a better life.(read between the lines here. Our guv has made welcome many who have no other means of support. )

  3. I decided to avoid Kalifornia some years back....Too high fuel and state park prices.."F"'m..
    I do hit Ca. from Washington or Oregon for just a touch when headed to Nevada..Then I only camp at NFService campgrounds with my old phart pass and no way buy fuel...
    So sad for all the local stores etc. where I used to share my wealth, instead of leaving it for my family...I'm widowed, with no kids...Just a Kat....Meow....


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