Monday, October 25, 2021

Think About It...

When you grow up and you are still living with your parents, you never think about what life will have in store for you. You hardly have an idea of what you want to become later in life. And you certainly never think about what your life will be like when you turn 40, 50, 60 or 70.....or even 80! This lack of thinking makes you feel free as a bird. You live for the day and you live in the now. It is the blessing of being young. 

For most people this all changes with the years passing by. More and more you become aware of the past, or your goals in life, and later, much later, you catch yourself spending time, often endless time, with remembering. You remember the highlights but also the bad times of your life. You think of all the stupid mistakes you made, all the stupid things you said. And if you have aged with grace, you realize which people you really love because of their personality. You appreciate good friends you can hang out with, chatting or having a drink with. You are now beyond your retirement date and you wake up in the morning and no alarm clock will remind you of going to work. Another full day awaits you and like an artist you can form the day to what ever and how ever you want it to be. And before you have your breakfast you think of things you would like to do that day. Continue reading that book or go out with the dog? You can paint a picture or you paint your garage door. You might have developed a retirement age routine. This frame of your life is something you are happy with. And when evening comes, you listen to your favorite music or watch TV, or you think about your travels you have done - and still want to do. 

Your heart is full and you will sleep well until another day will wake you up.

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  1. "Life's a dance,you learn as you go. Sometimes you lead,sometimes you follow."


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