Saturday, October 30, 2021

The Last One For October

 I find it hard to believe, but October is almost gone and November is knocking on our door. Normally I would gruel for the next 4 -5 months and ban all summer clothes to the most hidden-away corner of the closet, but this year I have carried my stuff over to the trailer. And the clock is ticking down to November 11. or the 11.11. By the way it's the day that Carneval is starting in Germany. It starts on 11.11 at 11:11am. Funny right? 

Well, by that time we will be on the road. Adventure lies straight ahead of us. I would be lying, if I'd say I'm not excited. Had the van checked out the other day and all turned out to be in perfect order. Monday it's the trailer's turn with a brake and wheelbearing check-up. Both the trailer and the van are 2015 models, so not too old. 

A couple of days ago I thought I had my last tourist tour of the season, but there's gonna be another one on November 6, something that has never happened during the 9 years we have been offering the tours.

Monday we are also taking our house plants and Bea's geraniums from the garden to a friend, who's gonna take care of them over the winter. As if we needed a another sign for summer being over we ate our last home-grown tomatoes yesterday. It's been a great harvest from the greenhouse this year and today Bea even dug up more potatoes. And another last harvest from the outside garden was this:

It's called Kale (German: Gr√ľnkohl). I cooked it for hours with bacon, then filled 2 jars with it. It's gonna travel along with us and will make a great meal together with some caramellised small potatoes and smoked pork. We'll have it at New-Years, I think.

Weather has still been very nice around these parts, but we've had one big Nor-Easter creating some pretty big waves rolling onto shore.

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  1. The island looks beautiful this time of year, I can see why there may be a few more tourists.


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