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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Ms. Dixie Has A Sleepy Day

 We have gotten another week towards Christmas and this Sunday is the 2. of Advent. We have never been great Christmas shoppers and rather preferred to enjoy being home or venturing out into nature, and this year will make no difference. So for us current Covid restrictions won't make us feel restricted or limited in any way.

Today the focus was mostly staying in a warm and cozy house, as the weather did not invite to extended hiking adventures. 

Matter of fact it has been pouring from a dark sky since yesterday evening, and it was a challenge to get Ms. Dixie out the door this morning. She hates rain and wind and plainly refused to stay outside. Alternatively, she cozied up on her dog bed for hours to pass.

However, after lunch, most of the rain stopped, and it was time to load Dixie into the van for a trip into the woods. The winds were still quite strong, but the dense forest gave enough protection. 

As soon as we released Ms. Dixie onto the trail, she spotted a black labrador and the two had a typical dog meet chasing each other round and round. 

Ms. Dixie loves other dogs, regardless of their size, so we never worry about her starting a fight.

Upon our return home, she went straight back to her dog corner and fell asleep again. Ms. Dixie is the calmest dog we've ever had. She can sleep for extended time without ever making a sound.

And for us it was time to make up for lost calories so my home-made chocolate Advent-cake came in handy.

                  Our Christmas tree stands readily decorated.

A couple of days ago we received message that one of new sofas had arrived at the furniture store so we had gotten busy removing our old set. We had a hard time to get it out of the house as construction changes in our house has made it more difficult to get big pieces of furniture through the doorways. Eventually, we got it all out on the porch. Only hours later 2 ladies appeared with a pickup truck moving the 2 couches to a new home. 

What I didn't notice that day was that the lifting and cajoling with the heavy couches had strained a few tendons in my left shoulder. The next morning I could hardly get into my shirt. Now I am afraid that the pain will not subside before the new couch will have to be brought into the house. It's a 3-seater and I just hope it will prove a bit smaller than the old one. The love-seat, we also ordered, isn't scheduled for delivery until January, which offers some grace time for my shoulder.

           The new set at the LEONS store in Saint John


  1. Great looking tree and cake.Hope your aches and pains are soon gone.That storm left our Maine home without power,so glad we're in Florida for now.

  2. Glad things are finally shaping up for you with the house and furniture. we know you've been working hard when Dixie needs a nap.
    Luckily all our Rain has been in small doses spread over days.
    Try doing some stretches to equalize the muscles and Tendons. Pushups off the Kitchen Counter are not as straining and will also give you a better view of the Cake. Looking for defects of course.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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