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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Thoughts For The 1. Of Advent


It’s that time of the year again and we are at home at the fireplace and from the speakers we are listening to dearly loved traditional Christmas songs. 

And my thoughts are wandering far, so far into the past. I can see mother at her Grand Piano playing and singing these very same Christmas songs. She did it for us and her very own enjoyment as well. And may I say she was extremely good at it. Later she did a number of records with friends in that old stone church of the country village where my parents spent their retirement.

Was she aware that her performance did so much more than just being entertainment for an afternoon? It wasn’t just the loved tunes of her music that echoed deep in our heart, it connected with so much more, the time of the year, the family life, our home….building roots for a future life of work and happiness. How I would love being able to thank her today.

But my plane landed too late. She went to her creator before I reached home.

Wishing you peace!


  1. Peter,your mom's music and memories were her gift to you and helped shape your outlook and views of the world....peace my friend.

  2. We all have our time machines.
    Some take us back.
    They're called Memories.
    Some take us forward.
    They're called Dreams.

    Jeremy Irons British Actor 1948


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