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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Let The Repairs Begin

I don't envy this man, but I am certainly wishing him, his Vice President, and the American people all the best for the future.

After Trump finally has given in and authorized his agency to begin the formal transition, President-elect Biden can now begin the long process of repairs to the country. The workload must feel crushing for any man. But I am sure Joe Biden will be hiring the very best qualified people for the job. 

The long road to normalcy will begin with containing the virus. World leaders are already looking forward to restart normal relations with the United States. Trade wars will come to an end. Regulatory environmental damage done by the Trump administration can be undone. The many vacant government positions from the last 4 years can be filled again. Immigrant children can be released from cages. Honesty from government agencies will return. No more "alternative facts" at press briefings. 

If you want to know more about your new president I recommend to read the book he wrote about the year Joe and Jill lost their son Beau "Promise me Dad"

Congratulations to your new President and First Lady.

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  1. Thank's going to be a great Thanksgiving this year .


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