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Thursday, September 27, 2018

A Cracked Tooth Gets Fixed By The Best Dentist In The World

It was a strange feeling I had in the mouth. One of my upper teeth had split into two halves, or so it felt anyway. At first I thought it was just the filling, but the bastard was split - no doubt. So I decided to get an appointment at the Lubec Medical Center for the local dentist lady. Rather than calling it in, I made that personal visit. To say that I was disappointed when I heard that the first available appointment would be first week in December, would be a grotesque understatement, but then the receptionist offered to call if someone would cancel. And she would also let the doctor know about the broken tooth. So it would seem that my split tooth might have to stay with me for some time more. 
Before I had picked up a gallon of milk at the grocery store I felt my phone start vibrating in my chest pocket. It was the dentist lady and she gave me a green light for looking at my tooth at 2:30pm. 
Image result for dentist at work cartoon
I was back at the medical center 10 minutes early and hadn't been waiting for one minute when I was called in. 
I knew that doctor from earlier visits so we got on well chatting. She commented on my accent and I had to explain to her the origin. She bemoaned her failing attempts to learn German when she would have had the chance, and in a way she suggested I could start teaching her. I started right away, and by Golly, we had a lot of fun, while she was doing her work. The fix she applied would not be lasting for ever, but she pointed out that the "Cadillac-Option" would make me fork over 5000 Bucks, which I wasn't in the mood for today. She served me up with the latest comical Trump idiocies, though she interrupted herself cautiously asking whether I would be a Trump supporter. And if she wouldn't have gagged me earlier she would have gotten a clear answer. But my eyes must have been speaking to her without words.

45 minutes after I had entered the center I was out again with a fixed tooth. This dentist is simply the best. I just wonder whether she wants to learn more German. :-)


  1. Ich denke der Zahnarzt hätte lieber Trumps Zähne gezogen! Glad you got fixed up.


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