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Saturday, October 13, 2018

October Thoughts

It's a dull-looking Saturday in October. It just started to rain a bit and Dixie and I are hanging out on the couch, while Bea is taking care of this year's tomato harvest, meaning she is making preserves for the winter. And THAT is something which is getting quite rare. Food industry has taught us that we can save time and effort by not making preserves in homey kitchens, but we haven't realized how dependent on supplies we have gotten. And then, of course, there are all these food additives that make store-bought preserves last for ever. Home-made preserves don't need these additives.
  Dixie and the ocean
  Above: Sunrise over Fundy Bay
 Above: Dixie playing with her friend Beau

Dixie and I are still enjoying morning walks along Herring Cove Beach. 

The Provincial Park just closed and we don't have to share the beach with the campers anymore.  Yet, some visitors are still arriving on the island. This weekend the Roosevelt Park is closing as well.

Next week a cruise ship with 220 passengers will arrive at Campobello and the Roosevelt Park will open up again for one day. We will have to shuttle people from the wharf to the park and back again.
Cruise ship coming in on July 14

That pretty much marks the definite end of season. Summer was great in these parts, though our lawn suffered of the dry weather. But with the recent rain, it has all gone green again. 
Of course, October has come with cooler weather, and we have started using our wood stove again, especially in the mornings and evenings.

I have also been called out to Saint John where I have transported cruise ship passengers to the sea caves of St.Martins. 
  Cruise ship Norwegian Dawn in St.John

The last trip I made included the passengers to take a trip on a zodiac. The day after, winds picked up and we got our first storm of this fall. It was also raining all day long. But after this beautiful summer, it feels good with rain as it fills up people's water wells.


  1. Good to see you've kept busy this year with your tour groups.Dixie and Beau seem to be great friends.Soon winter will be upon us.

  2. Love the pictures off Dixie, and glad that you have been busy, soon to settle into a long winter's nap?


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