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Sunday, September 9, 2018

There Comes A Moment For Everybody

It is September and summer will soon be over. There are quiet days when time seems to come to a stand-still, but then there are also days when the winds of fall are picking up. Slowly colors are changing, the days become clear. The haze and heat of summer is gone. Tourists are now fewer and only a few more weeks will pass until restaurants and facilities will close for the winter ahead. It's a time for some melancholy and deep thinking.

Just a few days ago I lost my Dad. At 93 he has had a long and eventful life. Gruesome were his young days when he, along with thousands of young men, was forced into a merciless war. The pictures of death and destruction burning into his memory. The term PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, had not been invented yet, but what do I know? Did he have bad dreams after coming home? He never talked about it. Yet, he had detailed memories about where he had been posted, where he was shot at and certain people he met along the way.

At 93 he surly was between the last survivors of WWII. After mother passed away in 2012, he lost the spirit of life. His days became dull and senseless. There was little left to live for. It's one of those moments everyone is dreading.

There also came the moment he couldn't care for himself anymore. So he moved into a nursing home, where he spent his last years. Dad had no medical issues. He died of old age.



  1. At least he lived a long full life. Sorry for your loss.
    Like you said there comes a time for everyone.

  2. The horrors of war ruined many lives. what was witnessed could never be erased.
    Your father died of a Broken Heart by not having anyone to share his Love with. I recall the feeling and Thankfully met someone to share my life with again.
    Sorry for your loss and now he is at Peace.

  3. So sorry to read of your dad's passing. My dad died at 90 and he also never talked about the war. I'm glad he is at peace now.

  4. Sorry to hear about your dad passing away. But he is now reunited with your mom. My thought are with you and Bea.

  5. So sorry for your loss. Your story is almost identical to mine. Also a WWII and Korea war vet, my 97 year old dad died on Friday, 9/7. We lost mom to Alzheimer's in 2013. He suffered from dementia, which was getting increasingly worse. He fell 2 weeks ago and broke 3 ribs and went downhill from there. He is in a far better place, as is your dad and hopefully they are both at peace. We thoroughly enjoy your writing, and your wife's Sidewalk too. Started following you from a link on the Bayfield Bunch when you were first getting Dolly. Love seeing pictures of her and reading about her antics. We are in the states in Arizona. Thanks for sharing your life and thoughts.

  6. Nice to hear from you again. Sorry for your loss, your dad is now at peace. Guess your dad was pulled into war much like some of us were during the Vietnam years, even though we weren't sure it was necessary. Vietnam was not necessary but 58000 young Americans died anyway. The expense in dollars was also a travesty.

  7. Sorry for your loss .Peter.Was away for the weekend and just catching up.


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