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Thursday, May 18, 2017

So What’s Happening?

We enjoyed a peaceful Norwegian National Day with lots of sunshine and temps in the 70s. Attending a meeting in Eastport, ME in the morning I was back for finishing up my repair work at the Head Harbour Lightstation. Great day to hang out there. Some early visitors walking by, asking questions, but very quiet day.

Perusing the news of the day after supper, I was wondering whether 62mill. American deplorable voters are soon to realize what idiot of a president they have elected. The turmoil in Washington and the White House seems far greater than under Watergate, especially when considering the short time Trump has been in office. I guess it takes a special kind of stupidity and naivety to assume that a politically unexperienced multibillionaire would be able to run the country.

I also noticed that the cheers of the Trump crowds have fallen silent for some time, indicating that the deplorables are starting to look for cover, 

America’s international reputation was in the pits when Bush turned the country over to Obama. But thanks to President Obama’s knowledge and sensible rule, America gained back its reputation. Now, after barely 120 days of Trump, the world is watching in disgust and disbelief as America is reeling from one scandal and misstep after the other.  Is the American Trump supporter realizing that he has been “trumped”? Is he anywhere near an understanding of that America has been made small again? The speeches of the Trump rallies may still be echoing in their ears, but reality shows that the words raining down on the cheering crowds were hollow, meaningless and without merit in reality.

The angry American who voted for Trump is still angry and the flame of hope he still might have, is getting smaller and smaller, soon to die. The men and women behind it being the victims of their own actions. How could they believe that a billionaire would use his time and energy to help the poor on the streets?  If Trump should indeed survive the ongoing crisis, the cuts and bruises he is about to inflict on America will be sores which will take a long time to heal.

With that said, I fully understand why so many Americans are so angry, They have been had for so many decades of exploitation made possible by their government, they have been listening to  the promises of big business that the crumbs finally left over on the table got moldy.

Over decades the American voter has been told that big business will take care of his income by providing work for all.
In their greedy exploitation of the American worker American industry leaders have “missed the boat”, have forgotten to adjust in time, and instead been looking for cheap solutions by moving production of their dated products out of the country.
Government followed suit by making sure that education in public schools has been neglected. Keeping education levels low is a sure fire way of helping republicans and the rich. The way Trump came to power is illustrating that very nicely.  Countries with a high level of education, like f.ex. the Scandinavian countries, don’t have the same political problem today. 
America will reach a point of no return in 2018.  To stop the dismantling of democratic values and the spread of corruption, the Democrats need to gain majority in the house and the senate. If that fails, the path forward will lead through hell.

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  1. "The men and women behind it being the victims of their own actions." Middle class and poor falsely believe that the rich will take care of them.....that doesn't happen anywhere in the world .


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