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Friday, May 26, 2017

Only Embarrassing For U.S.
1-Fullscreen capture 5262017 32627 PM   Trump shoving Montenegro’s Prime Minister

The above video would be enough to describe what kind of person Trump is. Under the big Nato meet in Brussels this American egomaniac shoves the Prime Minister of Montenegro aside to place himself in the foreground, looking arrogant, WITHOUT EVEN THINKING OF AN APOLOGY for his rudeness.
Yet every European leader has been laughing in digust at the American President, who still does not understand how Nato works and is not even able to speak one coherent sentence without having a script in front of him. Hell, he can’t even follow a script without falling into his plump language. That, however, did not keep Trump from berating Nato members about not using enough money for their defense. And even if that might be a fact, the way he brought this up was incredibly impolite and blunt.

America’a reputation is in the pits for as long as this maniac is in the Oval Office.


  1. This is a perfect example of an arrogant bully that anyone who wants to teach their children how NOT to act should show them this video. Obviously he didn't listen when they talked about bullying in school. What a dick.

  2. AmeriKa First...The Wizard has spoken!

  3. Half of America is looking for an eventual impeachment. The other half is wondering what they have done. He is disgusting to many of us. And yes, an embarrassing man who was never qualified nor carried the demeanor to be president.


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