Friday, December 9, 2016

Soon It Is 2017 And You Need A New Calendar!

You think the years are passing faster and faster?  You are not alone. We do think that as well. Years used to last the double. Not anymore. They seem to have been devaluated. And I know who did it. WE did it. I did it and YOU did it – by getting older. So the time for us needing a new calendar to keep up with all the days flying by is getting shorter…and shorter.
Luckily, today I have something you might want for either having it yourself or giving it away to your camper neighbour. Our friend Simone Ritter from St.Andrews, NB has created the neatest Vintage Camper Calendar, all of the campers shown as beautiful water colours art. What a great Christmas gift idea for RVers!
You can order it directly at:  or by writing to:
Simone Ritter
48 King Street. Saint Andrews,NB E5B 1Y3, CANADA
While Simone was visiting Campobello Island this spring she even painted our house!

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