Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Green Christmas

Just a few days ago it was so cold that it would be suicidal to stay outside for any extended length of time, and the ground was still covered in snow. Not so anymore, all-of-a-sudden it warmed up to 50F making that white stuff disappear in a hurry.
And even though it got cold again after that, the ground is still bare. Also, the coming Christmas week is slated to stay on the milder side, so we will not be “Walking in a Winter-Wonder-Land”.
But make no mistake, sooner or later we will get loads of snow, it never fails.
Taking advantage of the nice weather, I decided to take a run to our “city” St.Stephen to do some essential shopping. Dropped in at the recycle station and got rid of a load of bottles and cans, many of which people have just thrown out of their car window. We don’t like that and pick up what we can see. It pays for the gas to drive to the “city”. Why people throw garbage out of the car window?  I have no idea.

I had one particular mission which was to go find one of those Norwegian Goat Cheese which we are so fond of. That reminds me that I never posted any update on the UPS-story. Well, you won’t like it any better than I do, but UPS DESTROYED the cheese!!! You read that right, it really happened. After they “lost” it and I refused to pay their bill, they just went berserk. They never even contacted the sender in Ohio asking for directions. Nor did they contact us. Interestingly, I received their bill on December 06 and 2 days later they threw the cheese away. I now wonder whether that cheese really was lost. Anyway, the package had been “on-the-road” for 5 weeks and I would not guarantee for the quality anymore either. If this is the way UPS is handling their job I wonder why they are in business. REALLY!
Enough, we have a small little cheese now and it tastes just wonderful. But I did not find it in Canada. Nope, had to go to an American store for that.  But given the exchange rate, most of our groceries are now cheaper in Canada than in the U.S.

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