Monday, November 28, 2016

How Many Of Us?

When I went to school our teachers told us that we humans make up for 2 Billion individuals on earth. I went to school from 1959-1970. I just learned more about it. Watch the below video.

We tend to think that humans rule the earth. But do we? Natural disasters can strike any time. Huge pandemics can break out, maybe a nasty virus spread by the most numerous living creature on earth, Insects, or a huge meteorite hitting earth.
Yet, we are able to start our own extinction, f.ex., through a nuclear war.
We are capable of ruining our natural fresh water supplies, we can ruin the soil so it cannot produce food for us, we can pollute our seas so fish will die all over the globe.
Our time on earth is limited and in many scenarios we are holding the key to survival or extinction.

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  1. Unfortunately we gave the key to deplorable people and are only along for the ride.


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