Friday, November 4, 2016

An Indoors Project

We have entered November and it’s getting colder outside. A bleak sun is running a lower route along the southern sky and days have shortened a lot. When the cold Norther is blowing outside we are keeping busy inside. As part of a overall clean-out of one of bedrooms which so far has been served as storage, I have built a much larger bookshelf for the living room. For that, I bought 13 8ft-long white shelf units which i fitted into a wall-covering bookshelf.
1-DSC_0357I have been working the better part of 2 days on this and today I got it all finished. Now it was time to start running up and down the stairs carrying heavy book cases. Every case need to be gone through. There were books from the former house owner, but also lots of stuff we had dragged around the country without ever using them again. 1-DSC_0359We both like books on the shelf. Besides that I like to re-read them I also enjoy the cozy feel of a wall with books.

We kept it going until around 3:30pm when we were both feeling exhausted. In order to accommodate the bigger book shelves we had to rearrange some of the other furniture which always causes a discussion of where to place what, but in the end it all worked out.
1-DSC_0363The interesting part of re-organizing books and stuff is that we find old pictures, old diaries and letters. Looking through all this is taking copious amounts of time, but it is also a lot of fun. Old birthdays cards send to us when we were much younger, pictures of friends and family. Old notes about daily chores and special events.

Besides of having Gobbin the parrot in the house we now also got good old Gracie back for a few days. 1-DSC_0367Gracie’s health has been very deteriorating. She now has problems to see properly and she’s spending most of her days sleeping.
1-DSC_0371                              Molly still interested in Gobbin

With three animals in the house and a bunch of chickens at the neighbours, boredom is mostly absent.


  1. Nic looking book shelves, a great project.
    We had so many book shelves in our house then we had to purge. Made some for the coach but now mostly digital books that we have gown to love.


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