Saturday, September 5, 2015

Summer, Fall And Winter

I have always enjoyed the shifting times of the year, though winter has never been my favorite. I shoulda been born in a warm place like f.ex. Hawaii or some southern country. Instead I have been dealing with the “pleasures” of winter for most of my life.
What I really did enjoy was the change from winter to spring and into summer, and finally the turn of hot summer days into the cooler days of fall.

Anyhow, our summer is slowly running aground, and on a recent trip to Fredericton I saw the first touch of fall colours in the hilly hinterlands of New Brunswick.

With the fading summer we get those clear dry and sunny days of September. To me those days are invigorating like nothing else. My emotional level of activity is soaring and like I use to say in my younger days: I feel like I could pull out entire trees. But fear not, it’s just a feeling and I won’t touch those wonderful maple trees in our driveway.

Yesterday we attended another sing-along session at Jocie’s Porch. Many people will be going home after the labour weekend, so there was a bit of sadness hanging around.

And there is also some sad news about the stranded shark. The autopsy showed that the shark was perfectly healthy. What happened was that the shark made a navigational mistake by swimming into shallow waters when the tide was already receding. Shallow mudflats are getting dry very quickly and the shark has not been able to turn around and find his way into deep water before he stranded. When people discovered the stressed animal they poured water over his gills but could not prevent the fish from dying.
1-DSC_1392His parted up body was brought out to sea where it will be food for many lobsters. It was measured to be 35ft. long.
1-DSC_1411                             ”Sparkplug” Light on the Lubec mudflats
Under an investigative climb onto our roof I discovered that the pesky wasps must have succumbed to my chemical warfare. I banged on their entry hole and no wasp was trying to get out. A good sign which makes me hope that I might be able to continue the task of painting our east gable without incurring further wasp attacks.
And that will be all for today. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy labour day.


  1. Yes fall is in the air, we find it kinda sad to see summer slip away, but we do what we can to enjoy whatever comes our way.

  2. Fall hasn't started to hit the state of Tennessee. It's still hot and humid here. We would much prefer the fall temperatures.

  3. Our problem this year is we went from the heat of summer to the cold of Fall in such a short period of time. I'm not adjusting well to that cold of Fall. I would like some moderate temperatures - like in the high 70's or low 80's. I don't think I'm asking for too much. I'm glad to hear that they are returning the shark to the ocean as food. That is nature which can really be cruel and sad.


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