Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September–Another Month Of Full Summer?

This is not normal.

I mean our day temps are still way too high for September.  Today was just another day like cut out of Mid-July or Mid-August. Gone is the morning-crisp air we had for a few days. Again windows stay open all night long and heating season is suspended until further notice.

We are having gorgeous sunsets which I wanted so badly to take pictures of but botched up everything.

Yesterday I was over at my neighbours property to take some nice shots, and the pics turned out nice. Then why can’t you see them here?  Because I deleted them accidentally! When I wanted to delete ONE pic only, the whole thing was wiped out. BANG!

But fear not! Another sunset was showing tonight. Off I went again. When finally zooming in on focus  pressing the button, you know, I get this stupid message that the battery was empty. BANG AGAIN!

So after two evenings with really gorgeous sunsets I am still without the desired pics.

So what you see today are just some old pics from the archives. And here is still hoping for a 3rd. chance tomorrow evening.

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  1. Gotta love this September weather here as well, nice sunset pics hope you get one tonight.


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