Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rain Storm

There had been a lot of warnings against what was about to come. And it sure looked scary. A huge green blob on the weather map was moving up from the south. And it meant RAIN. Lots of rain!
Yet, despite the warnings, we were hopeful that the brunt of it would move north over the mainland. But during the afternoon it started pouring down. I heard the rain playing the drum on our roof.

There were breaks in the rain. 30 minutes – enough to take a quick walk with Molly. Then it started all over again.
Yet we don’t complain. This is only the third big rain this summer and sooner or later it was bound to happen.
But what’s coming after this might turn out to be of a much bigger impact. They have called it Joaquin and it is a hurricane.
It might hit the Maritimes Monday or Tuesday.
1-DSC_02561-DSC_0259The tide was very high today and we ventured out to North Road Harbour to see the fishing vessels. They were almost to the top of the dock.
1-DSC_0264Then we went to the ferry landing and where there usually is a beach 60ft. wide there was nothing left today.
1-DSC_0270We drove down to Mulholland Light and from there we looked over to the Lubec breakwater.
1-DSC_0272Water was freely flowing over the top. I had never seen so much water in the “Narrows”.
1-DSC_0271-0011-DSC_0278                 Harbour Seals waiting for a meal coming with the current
1-DSC_0281                   International Bridge between Lubec,ME and Campobello

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