Friday, March 20, 2015

The Very Bright Side Of My Job

There is no doubt that being a bus driver can be very, very stressful. Just imagine a 200 mile stretch of driving in the dark with a blizzard going on. So far I haven’t had “the pleasure” of it. And right now I don’t want to think about snow at all, though some is gonna come down on Saturday. That is if the weather guys are right. I hope they are gonna be wrong.
20150319_192534-001             The “Shadow”
But the very bright side of my job is being on a multi-day trip to a nice place with an excellent hotel like the one I am in right now at Spruce Grove, AB.
20150319_202038 20150319_202050
The Holiday Inn Express in Spruce Grove is not only very new, but has an excellent standard of service. The rooms are huge and extremely comfortable.
And this particular one is located within walking distance of a BOSTON PIZZA restaurant a chain you can find on both sides of the border. They do offer the best pizza available this side of the Atlantic Ocean and they have a few unimaginable good desserts. I tried both and of course forgot to take a pic of my dessert “The Chocolate Explosion”. I haven’t had such an excellent dessert in a long time and was too eager to dig in. And the individual size pizza was a Double Bacon-Cheese. Too good to describe in words. But hey… I got a picture.
My group of young ladies are a hockey team trying to go to the semi finale. But they lost the first round.
We are gonna be here for a few days and all I have to do is shuttling them between the hotel and the arena.

Love that.

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  1. Sounds like you did end up with a good assignment. Too bad they aren't all this easy.

  2. Now that is a real nice bonus for being a bus driver enjoy it while you can.
    We have been watching grandsons in hockey tournaments all week , lots fun here too.
    Hope the weather guessers are wrong.

  3. One of the best jobs is the ONE YOU LIKE, sometimes you feel that you will go to work even with out pay....and that is being lucky.


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