Saturday, March 21, 2015

Oh No….See The Snow!

Looking out my hotel window I see an all-white landscape. The weather guys were right this time. We did get snow yesterday. And it is no different today….heavy white stuff is falling out of the sky, making roads treacherous and mushy. Ironically the snow came back with the official start of spring.
I am still shuttling the hockey girls between hotel and ice rink and it’s been an easy job. I have mostly been watching TV and doing some computing in my room.

Intended to go over to Boston Pizza again yesterday evening but was shocked to see that the place was packed to the brim. People had already lined up on the waiting bench. Surveying the situation I turned in my tracks and made it over to SUBWAY for just a sandwich. I have too short a patience to wait endlessly for my food. By the way it turned out to be a money saver as well. And I don’t mind having a sandwich for supper….once in a while.

Yesterday evening I lost my parking spot in front of the hotel to a couple of pickup trucks and had to get the bus half a mile away onto a parking lot of a huge rec-centre. No fun to walk back in all this slush on the roads. As nice a hotel this is but they have no designated bus parking. Poor planning I’d say.
20150321_074921   bus park
Well, the snow is not gonna last very long. With the sun running high it’s too warm during the days. At least, that’s what everybody is hoping for.

Thanks again for stopping by.


  1. That looks very cold. Glad I found your blog again, I think my reader feed lost it during one of its several crashes. Now I have to catch up:)

  2. At this time of year the snow should go away real soon.
    Good luck with that.

  3. I heard that back in NL they also experienced "Sheila's Brush".


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