Friday, March 6, 2015

Great Kids!

After picking up the students at an early hour in Leduc we drove over to Jasper where the group later enjoyed a full day of skiing at the Marmot Basin. The road up there reminded me a whole lot of a very famous road in Norway – The Trollstigen.
20150306_103313_resized Marmot_Basin 
Map of Marmot Basin Road                     Marmot Basin – The Mountain
It’s a narrow winding road, steep a few places and quite long. Up at the top lies the Marmot Basin Ski Lift with numerous facilities all around. After unloading the bus I had to drive back to Jasper as there really is no room for parking any number of coaches.
20150305_160036_resizedArrival at Marmot Basin

I pretty much spent the early afternoon with solid napping. After all, I had been on duty since around 4am.
Unloading the gear
At 4pm I was back at marmot Basin to pick up the youngsters. Everyone was right on time, there was no extra waiting and everyone had a happy face. What more can a bus driver ask for?
Part of Icefield Parkway towards Jasper
After return to the hotel I drove the bunch to town for supper.

This morning we did it all over again. Kids were at the bus early and we were one of the first buses at the ski slope.

Tonight we are gonna return to Leduc and when I hit my pillow around midnight I will be very tired.

So why not take an extra nap right now?

Yup…good idea!

See ya.


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