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Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Cold Snap

The continuing story is that Alberta is going through a sudden cold snap which makes even seasoned Albertans go cold – ice-cold!

We just went from around –20 (-4F) to staggering –38C, (-36F)  even –40C (-40F) in certain places. Wind chill brought it even further down to –45C.
(-49F)  Now, folks this is bone-chilling cold. Even short stays outside can give you serious frostbite if parts of your skin are exposed.
Frost smoke is wavering through the city and the nights are frightening cold with a big round moon laughing to it all. 20150104_170808
According to Bea Molly started limping along on 3 legs, finally laying down with the freezing 4th paw under her to warm it up. No weather to even let your dog outside!

How is camping in these temperatures?
It is an ADVENTURE!  Our water line is now frozen, but we have 2 big water containers inside. Inside temps are staying around 20C (68F), and that is the max we get at these temps. Of course one has to watch the contents of the propane cylinders.
Like last night Bea noticed the furnace didn’t work anymore. Tanks empty! But I have a two-bucket-wife. She got dressed (while I slept) and changed propane tanks on the trailer tongue. We were back in business!

Our vans are still starting even without being plugged in. Not too bad!

For further info stay tuned!


  1. I can't even fathom temps that COLD !! Sure will be glad to hear when you're in that house. Will be so much better for you !!!

  2. That is really cold. I'll be happy to hear when it finally warms up for you.

  3. Here is hoping you get in that house sooner than later. Once you're in the house drain the water system on the trailer.
    Try finding a pet store that sells Booties for Molly. Once she gets used to the idea of having them on her paws she'll appreciate them. They will also keep her paws clean as well as warm.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I just can't even imagine trying to survive in that kind of cold anymore - let alone in an RV. Please take good care of all three of you and I'm sure hoping the weather starts to warm up really soon.

  5. We moved to BC from Alberta a couple of years ago, don't miss those cold temps at all.
    One of the main reasons for leaving the Prairies was because of that weather in the winter.
    After 45 years of living with those winters, it was time for a change!
    (it's going to be +10 here tomorrow with rain...)
    Take care, wrap up all exposed skin and ride it out.
    Karyn :)

  6. You would laugh if I told you our cold temperature. It would seem tropical. I can't imagine being in an RV in weather that cold!

    The lowest we've been in was -4 F. with a wind chill to about -10. Bob wrapped our hose one time, but it froze anyway. The second time, he put in the warming line, then round, tube-like insulation, then wrapped the whole thing again. It didn't freeze the second time. From then on, in cold weather, we have just filled our fresh water tank and taken off the hose completely. Brr!

  7. P.S. Don't let your truck engine freeze! They have those engine plug-ins for a reason.


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