Thursday, January 1, 2015


Hey, we did it again – sleeping into a New Year. Last time I can remember that we stayed up until midnight was actually 15 years ago. We were in some snowy hills of southern Norway way out in the boonies looking southward and seeing a few fireworks shooting up in the distance. We were facing a new century and everybody thought that the techno-computer-world would crash with terrible consequences for our entire civilization. Well we all know that this doom and gloom scenario never became reality. The world continued to exist happily ever after.
Of course, on a day like this we think of our friends who are way down south in the Desert South-West. We miss their company and think longingly of all the good times we had with them. While January 1 2015 is an extremely warm day in and around Edmonton, we see that morning temperatures in the southern parts of California and Arizona are not so different of what we are having right here. In fact, it was above the freezing mark this morning. Naturally, we will not have a significant warm-up during the day. Temps will stay around the same level all day long.
DSC_0431Long-time Albertans I have spoken to say that this winter marks itself as an unusual mild version  so far.

This month will be our last month living in our trailer this winter as we will move into a house on January 17. We are looking forward to this, even though there have been very small problems with staying in the trailer.
Many of our neighbours seem to have left their trailers and gone home for the holidays. Some of the rigs have not been in use for weeks.

My back problem has all but disappeared. It seems that the continuous work has helped to mitigate the pain.  Let’s hope it stays that way.

Best wishes for 2015 and thanks for keeping up with this blog.


  1. I am sooooo glad to hear your back problems have gone BUT even more happy to hear you'll be moving into a house on the 17th !!! That will make things so much more comfortable for you both.

    1. Yes Denise, we are happy about this too. Happy New Year to you and Benny!

  2. Kathy and I want to wish both you, Bea and Molly a Safe and Happy New Year.
    Enjoy the house.

    It's about time.

  3. That's got to be a great feeling knowing you will be moving into a larger spacious & probably warmer house. I know how nice it is when we've been out boondocking a week or two here in the southwest then return to our Congress house for all those great things only a real sticks & bricks house can offer.

  4. Happy New Year.
    It will be nice to be warmer, until winter has passed.


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