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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We Made A Move

We have not had any success in finding winter accommodations and have now chosen the next best – a stay in a full-service RV Park. For the small sum of $900/month we have now the luxury of water, power and sewer at site and a free WIFI.
DSC_0708Yes, you read correctly, it is indeed 900 Dollars tax included. Expensive? Well yes, but this is Alberta where people have to live with it. It is indeed my hope that lower oil prices will contribute to cool off Alberta’s economy. For too much IS too much.

While the price is high, we think that we still “got a deal” as we are still close to the city and work. The facilities here at “Glowing Embers RV-Park” are good and behind-the-counter-personnel is really friendly.
DSC_0701Before we took off from our RV dealership dwelling I installed two vent-hoods. That way we can open the vents without getting a lot of precipitation on our heads.

For Molly this is a great improvement as well, as she can now enjoy much nicer walks through the park, and her dreamy face does show it.
We celebrated with cake and cream….well most of the cream went….sideways.  Oh my!



  1. At least you have a place to settled for the winter hope you can keep warm enough.

  2. Best start buying some straw or styrofoam or whatever to "bank up" the skirt of the RV. I suspect it'll get cold before too long. Good luck.

  3. Love that picture of our Molly girl. Hopefully your winter won't be too hash (other than the $900 a month part).

  4. I'm surprised there was even an RV Park in Edmonton that stayed open all year. Guess you will have to wrap your hoses etc. to keep them from freezing ??

    1. There are thousands of workers from all over Canada doing camping, as there is really not much to rent in the city. And while they have an RV already they use it to save money. Makes sense to me.

  5. The problem with Alberta (and I camped there for over 40 years) is that most of the RV parks are seasonal, so they close in September/October (and they are very high priced as well), so the non seasonal parks (like where you are) are very few and far between. They can charge whatever they want, supply and demand, and people will pay. IMHO I don't think the economy will have alot to do with it . Even in the 80's bust economy, we camped close to where you are and still payed top dollar.

  6. We spent time in this C.G years ago, good location close to Edmonton,have a great winter/


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