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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tearing Through The Country Maybrook, NY – Howe,IN (1051km or 657 miles)

Getting up early does have its advantages.  The first daylight saw us leaving Maybrook and before we knew it we had reached Lewiston, PA. We crossed the mighty Susquehanna River  and moved from I-84 to I-81 to I-80.
DSC_0221The I-80 becomes the OHIO Turnpike and of course there are tolls to pay.
These tolls may suggest that you will be riding along on a nice highway. Nope, I-80 is actually in need of repairs most places. Lots of truck traffic everywhere, in fact it almost seems that there are more trucks than passenger cars underway. Lots of construction areas as well, mostly fixing bridges.
October seems to be the month of strong winds. At least we had it all day long and mostly from the front or the south.
DSC_0220                                Strong winds all day long
DSC_0181DSC_0184DSC_0192                                           Susquehanna River
But we made it through in a timely manner and reached the small town of Howe, IN before 7pm. In fact, the sun was just touching the horizon when we passed through the toll station.  We took in at another Super8, this time at a much lower rate than in New York, yet with the same standard but a receptionist who was very informative and helpful. It seems that Super8 has implemented a $10.00 pet fee pr. room and night for all member hotels. We do understand this as some pets can be a bother for house keeping the next day. It is much better to pay a $10.00 fee than not being allowed into the hotel at all.

I always ask where to eat best and again we were lucky to be directed to a local diner in town. The Howe Diner is a typical small town USA mom-and-pop operation featuring a huge menu and home-cooked food. While I went for a “Canadian Burger” with Canadian bacon (Ham), Bea stuck to the Greek side of things and enjoyed a Greek salad. She ate Greek yesterday as well, and I really expect her to speak Greek tomorrow morning. Smile

Again we are tired, but after over 1000 clicks it can be expected.
Thanks for driving along!


  1. Wow, you racked up the miles today! Safe travels for the rest of your trip - take care!

  2. Again gorgeous fall colours. But another WOW at that kind of miles driven. Not Me !! I think I average between 150-200 miles a day. But then again I have lots of time.

  3. Travels safely and you will soon be there.

  4. I must hand it to you for posting after a long day of driving. I think I'd be too pooped for rational thought.

  5. 520 miles is our tops. Soon you will be back in Alberta.


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