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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Edmonton At Last

If you have been wondering what had happened after my last posting – well we finally made it to the Capital of Alberta. But we were both knocked out and needed some time off to recuperate. In fact I got a splitting headache yesterday afternoon and was not in any condition to write down anything.
DSC_0588                                            Horse on the Prairie
But here we are, weather is still unseasonably warm, and I just enjoy 2 more days off work.
DSC_0597                                           House on the Prairie
We still have a lot to get organized with the number 1 priority finding a place to live over the next 6 months. The last object I had found went down the drain. Every “for rent ad”causes a run of renters towards the place. And then it is up to the owner to make a decision.
                                  Canada Geese on a pond
Of course, the warm weather is helping to make us comfortable where we are – in our trailer.
DSC_0603                                            Round silage bales

DSC_0650Her majesty, Molly, has made herself comfortable on the couch – that dog is smart.

DSC_0624                                     What is ugly and stinks?
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  1. Finding a place for the winter will be a challenge, but you'll sort it out. You always do.

  2. Here's hoping you'll find a place soon. I'll try and see if my old memory can remember anybody I might know who lives in Edmonton. I think I have a Cousin who lives there ???


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