Sunday, March 30, 2014

Eastern Time, Toll Booths And Pot Holes All Along

Again we hit the road early. Motel 6 does not provide any breakfast, so we stopped after an hour at a Wally World and ate some 3.rd class Subway breakfast. It filled our bellies, but it was nothing to write home about. It was our 4th day of traveling from Calgary. I-94 was still the same as the day before until we rolled into Illinois where road conditions were everything but… Yet, the toll road blues starts right there. You wonder why those toll roads are in such bad conditions when millions of dollars are coming in every day.
DSC_0003 DSC_0001-001

Of course we by-passed Chicago. We went down Highway 39 towards Beloit and Rockford, finally hitting I-80 East. It passes Chicago way in the south and away from umpteen Chicago toll booths and terrible traffic. I have done Chicago once and I will never again make a new attempt. It is by far the worst city in the U.S. and beats even NYC.
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We were now rolling into Indiana – on a toll road again. South Bend, Elkhart – those names are known to every RVer in the country. Most RVs sold in North America are manufactured right here. The area took a major economic hit in 2007/2008, but has mostly recovered since then.
DSC_0044 DSC_0054
We did find another Motel 6 in town and then went searching for a good place to eat. What we found was most astonishing: A local diner run by a Greek family. The place looked nothing from the outside, but kind of blew us away once inside. The food was very well-done and the service friendly. It’s called Eleni’s restaurant and the owners came from Cyprus. We will be back there for breakfast!


  1. Love finding those out of the way family run restaurants, you guys are making good time.

  2. Sometimes you can tell if a restaurant is popular if the parking lot has some activity. Those are usually the best places. Always fun to find a good place for breakfast. (that's not too smoky of course)

  3. I pulled into Elkhart, IN today.

    1. We are just one half day's ride ahead of you then. We are up in PA on I-80 in a Super8, a few miles before the turn-off to Scranton, PA. Weather turned nasty all-of-a-sudden. Snow and sleet and possible freezing rain.

  4. It is always nice to find a local diner with great food/service. Sometimes appearance is not their best asset but everything else makes up for it.

  5. Love the little diners. Those are the best places of all. You're certainly making time and I'm thinking you wish all this travel was behind you. Be careful of the weather ahead of you.


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