Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bloggers Stopping By And Then Yet Another One.

You already know that George and Suzie came by yesterday. And well, today Jim from Jimbo’s Journeys slipped over from Mittry Lake. Jim is going to hang around here for a few days and we will install new flooring in his Lazy Daze RV.
DSC_0380 DSC_0378
Peter, Suzie and George                                       Bea, George and Suzie
While we were having a nice chat in the shade of our Mesquite tree, Jim’s little Chica started to get acquainted with Molly, and when Chica wanted to play she planted herself right in front of Bea. Bea clapped in her hands and Chica broke into a wild circle run around and around. Chica is a real charmer and we liked her from the first moment. And what a great story it is about how Jim met with Chica the first time.

After having some ice cream I took Jim down to the Hot Spring where we had a refreshing shower and dip in the hot tub. We are still a bit short on pictures but I took this one of his rig and the cute Geo Tracker Jim pulls behind.
We met Jim back in 2011 on a ranch in southern Arizona where we volunteered in repairing a
historical building together with Jim, and Chuck and LeaRay. While we never did run into Chuck and his wife again, we have had coincidental meetings with Jim several times. It was in March 2011, when talking to Jim and LeaRay that my interest for blogging was awakened and ever since I have enjoyed to be part of the blogging community.
Tomorrow we will be heading out to the Home Depot to find the right type of flooring for Jim’s rig.

Thanks for visiting again.


  1. Such a nice visit we had too, and really amazing how we meet fellow rv'ers all over this great country.

  2. Golly, so now you're in the flooring business. Who knows might stop by to have you help. Maybe you'll have quite a crowd. We sure did love the hot tubs and shower at the Hot Springs BLM. What a treat!

  3. I have definitely added you to my list of folks to keep track of just in case we ever decide on new flooring. Chica and Molly look so cute together - one so tiny.

  4. This sure has been the year to meet fellow Bloggers huh !


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