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Monday, March 31, 2014

Almost Home

After a real long day we have reached Bangor,ME. And we are too tired to eat up the last 2 1/2hrs of road home. I am even too tired to write a long story tonight. Just going to mention that there was no ice on the road this morning, so we continued as planned via Scranton and the I-84 running down into the Boston area. There was no sun, but no new snow either. All slush from yesterday had either been plowed aside or melted. Only over the last 10 miles the road became wet and it began to sleet again. Just like the night before!
Another motel 6 was conveniently located just off the highway and we also found another home-made-food restaurant. We are really starting to be experts in this.

We might have a problem to post any updates for a few days as our land line needs to be re-activated and who knows when the company gets around to it. But you’ll know the moment it happens.

See ya later!


  1. So glad to hear you are almost home. Looking forward to seeing pictures of how the outside of your home looked when you got there

  2. I think you had to have broken some record for driving the MOST miles in the LEAST amount of time !!

  3. Almost home is a good thing. Being home is even better. So we'll forward to hearing from you when you can.

  4. Always a pretty darn nice feeling coming down that home stretch & then there is that big 'ahhhhhhhhhh' when finally pulling into your very own driveway:))

  5. I am glad you have almost made it home. I am sure you will be glad to sleep in your own bed.

  6. Happy that you didn't have to deal with snow or ice on your drive. Is more snow predicted?

    Enjoy home sweet home.

  7. Almost home is good, we are almost NOT at home....leaving for our 13th RV summer trip on 12 June.

  8. So nice to be almost there. Soon you can relax for a bit then head on back.

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