Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Plop Plop Plop Plop……..

Raindrops keep falling on my roof…….It’s a sound that every RVer can recognize. We are “enjoying” a very cold rainfall and yet we must consider us lucky as rain is falling just west of us about to glaze the highways with a thin layer of ice. North of the I-10 snow has fallen and turned Dixie into a Winter-Wonder-Land.

The big unknown right now is whether the situation will improve until tomorrow or still impact traffic conditions along the Gulf coast. We are westward-bound and are just hoping the best. We won’t be heading out too early, maybe around 10am we might be ready to hit the road.

An email came in from Southern California stating that a few people are getting excited about our coming out west. I expect nothing less than a marching band standing ready to celebrate our arrival. Let the Trumpets sound – I say. :-) The news has already made the round along the “main drag” of the Holtville LTVA. Yet, we never told anyone that we’ll go there.

But we’ll take our sweet time. Have to stop in San Antone to see a few folks, stop at places where good memories were deposited quite a few years back. Have to turn a few rocks to see them still being there.

Though some times it happens that we are bit by the “arrival bugs” (can’t wait to be there) and then we don’t know that the rig has brakes to stop. Well, Molly needs to get out some times and that’ll be our alarm clock.

Got no pictures today. And I guess you jest don’t wanna know about the snow. Am I right?

I am.

Good night!


  1. Where ever you go travel safe and have warm sunny weather. Southern Florida is pretty warm, but we like it here mush better.

  2. I wish I could send you a little bit of sunshine and a little bit of warmth to help your travels. Hopefully, things will get better soon.


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