Sunday, January 19, 2014

Didn’t Feel To Write Anything

If you have been on the look-out for some new posting from us over the last day and couldn’t find any the reason is that I haven’t been writing anything as there really hasn’t been anything to put up. In fact I have been in a quagmire of doubts about the decision to go to Florida for this year’s journey. And of course, the reason has simply been the weather and the lack of possibilities for any activities. Yet we have been very fortunate for our hosts Sherri and Pete to let us park on their property for an extended time. As far as I know they are currently the only private hosts at “Boondockers Welcome” on the panhandle.

But it’s been colder than cold here, even though the sun has been bright the last coupla days. We love to go exploring the area, but the panhandle of Florida is not the place to indulge in such. That is unless you love to hang out in artificial parks, cafes and restaurants, all of which we don’t like. So we’ve been cooped up in our trailer and I was about to suffer a serious attack of cabin fever. 
Example-wise we wanted to walk along a quiet forest trail yesterday. (and this is the only one around here) We were dressed for wintry temps when we got into the van to drive a mile down the road from where the trail starts. We parked the van well off the highway and out-of the way to a closed-off military-owned forest road. The trailhead was just opposite from the military road so we had to cross the highway on foot. It was indeed a nice walk, but when we got back to our vehicle we had a red tag on the windshield. At first, I thought it was a ticket, but when I read it, it proved to be a WARNING that our vehicle would be towed after 24hrs. as it was parked in violation with some stupid Florida law, prohibiting any vehicle parked on public property.  What kind of BS is that??? There was no sign prohibiting parking and we weren’t even close to the highway. It depressed me all evening to know that this country is far from being free. In fact, in CANADA we are a lot more free than down here. I still remember the American journalist which was interviewed about how he liked Norway. His answer (or advice) was that it would be easier for the Norwegian government to post signs about what was allowed than posting signs telling what was prohibited, as just about everything seemed to be forbidden.  His answer caused quite some outrage in Norway.
I wonder where that man came from. Certainly not Florida.

Anyway, enough of such adversities. Today we did another visit to the Rocky Bayou State Park to get our holding tanks flushed. We have to do that early on Sundays as the traffic on this highway is way worse than most Interstates. And the exit from that State Park onto the highway is extremely dangerous in tight traffic.

                                                   Rocky Bayou State Park Dumping Station
Even though we had a thunderstorm going through the area between 4-5am it all cleared up and developed into a real nice sunny day. And for a change the temps climbed to about 63F. We sat in the bright sun, reading, simply enjoying a peaceful Sunday. For the first time this winter we had lunch and coffee outside and Molly was busy watching birdies and squirrels in the trees.

We also rolled out our awning to get it dried out. Mold had already settled on the inside and Bea washed it off.

We are looking forward to another warm day tomorrow, but after that, temps are in for a another plunge below freezing.

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  1. We are at Crystal River, Florida which is a couple hours south of you location and we also froze last night and are expecting at least two more nights to freeze in the next week. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Come on back out to the warm sunny days & freedom of the great American South-West. There is still time to salvage your winter......

  3. Too bad that you did not make it out west. We hung out in that area last wineter and di not really enjoy it either.

  4. Oh My ! So sorry to hear about that awful cold weather.


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