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Friday, October 4, 2013

And What’s Been Going On?

Yesterday’s trip to Saint John was a good one. The weather was great, and during the drive through rural Maine and up through New Brunswick we could enjoy the most beautiful fall colours.
“Moosehorn” National Wildlife Refuge currently closed due to government shut-down

We were underway to deliver our van, the one which I had brought up from Florida in May. Over the summer we had realized that there was no market for a 2. sightseeing van, so it had to go.
DSC_0125 DSC_0123
Tired of paying gas prices? Take a horse or 2.  Quiet road in Rural Maine

The couple who bought it are running a day care center in town and had been looking for that kind of vehicle for a long time. Unfortunately, there are extremely few extended vans in New Brunswick and finding one like the one we had is almost like hitting the jackpot. After we had signed all papers we were on our way back with their cheque and used the opportunity to drop in at a few grocery stores.
DSC_0103 DSC_0097
Don’t text and drive –off the highway!                                  Big City – Saint John

We always buy a couple of German-style liverwursts from the Atlantic Superstore in St.Stephen. Across the border we went to another grocer which has gotten a new competitor “Wallymart” right beside him. And that example goes to show what Wallymart really does to local markets. Usually the grocer’s parking lot was filled up, now, after Wallymart had opened their new grocery department it was nearly empty. We think it’s only a matter of time when our grocer is history.
TC1 Trans Canada Highway

Anyway, we had a great trip and were so glad we got the van sold. While we had been on the road PEI-Bob had taken good care of Molly. At about 4pm a neighbour called telling us about a public turkey supper at the school. So we went over to the school and had a very nice turkey dinner. Lots of locals were there to support the good cause for Charlotte County Cancer Research.
Today I went on with building the 2 set of garage doors for our neighbours and was all done by 2pm.
The next task was to move our trailer from the private lot it has been sitting in Lubec to the parking lot of an auto repair shop. We will keep it there until we take off for the south. We have kept the trailer in the U.S. as we would have had to pay 13% New Brunswick sales tax if we had brought it on to the island.

Got another “Boondockers Welcome” email. It came from a Seattle Couple, currently on Prince Edward Island and planning to come our way. And get this: When I mentioned the names to Bob he gave me that funny look telling me that the very same couple had been parked on HIS property and that they were very nice people. Small world!  Presumably, they will be coming here between October 13-18. We are sure looking forward to meeting them. And again I must praise the
“Boondockers Welcome” for this really outstanding idea. It sure makes for a wonderful network in the RV-Community.
Expecting a couple of colder nights, Bea had made sure our tomatoes wouldn’t be victims of the cold so she had taken them off the plants. What you see here is only the REST of it. We have had many more – all of only 4 plants!!

Bea had made a great spaghetti-squash supper and that’s how I like to end a productive day.

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  1. What a perfect time of year to be able to take a drive through all the fall colors. When Wally World opened in Billings, we lost our grocery store and it was so sad.

  2. That upside down car is a great advertisement for paying attention to where you are going!

  3. Other than checking out the beautiful fall leaves, you also got to see the remains of an accident. We've seen a few upside down ones around here too but usually it's been on slippery pavement.

  4. Nice that you got you van sold and had a nice drive to St. John. Too bad Wallymart just moves into town and shuts down the smaller businesses.
    Love spaghetti Squash.


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