Friday, October 18, 2013

An Ever So Soft Touch Of A Dog Paw…

Here I am in my comfortable IKEA Poäng chair, reading a book. (yep, I got another one) Suddenly Molly is approaching from her doggie bed, looking straight up to me, sitting down. My hand finds her soft fur, a soft groan escapes her and she folds herself down to the floor, rolling over. I look down and she looks up. Her soft brown eyes full of devotion. Her paw touches my wrist resting there while I caress her behind her ears. I close my hand around her soft paw. There it is - all the love one can encounter between a dog and a human. It is one of these moments I relish in life. We are a team. We share our daily lives. I feel pain when the question rises: How much longer? Molly is soon 11yrs. old. Strangers who don’t know that, are always perplexed when they learn about Molly’s age. She looks 5 or 6 – not a day more. And she seems healthy. We keep her feed rationed. She is not overweight, and we don’t buy the cheapest stuff for her. We walk with her – every day – several times. Rainy days can be a bust – but we try anyway. We would feel bad if we wouldn’t.
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1-DSC_0055 molly
Bea’s mom is not doing well anymore. And Bea has to fly to Germany to see her.  So she’s booked a flight in November. I hope winter will be holding off until December. We won’t be putting in any early appearance in California this year. I’d be happy if it happens at all. There are things happening, we don’t know the outcome off yet.
1-DSC_0046      Camped at the Holtville Hot Springs March 2013

Finally, we had one rainy day today. But it was warm. Warm and wet!

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  1. We certainly love our pets, don't we. Wait a minute. I think our pets are family members too. At least Duchess most certainly is and I"m sure that's how you feel about Molly. Sorry to hear about Bea's mom but it's a good thing she can go and visit.

  2. aww Molly is a sweetheart! nothing like the unconditional love of a pet!!

  3. Yes, Molly is such a sweet girl. She could live to 13 or 14, couldn't she? You guys take such good care of her, you might be surprised.

    I'm so sorry about Bea's Mom. That's quite a distance to travel, but of course she has to go. I hope all will be well and Bea will be home soon so you can head south to Hot Springs. Life takes some unexpected turns, though, doesn't it?

  4. I am so in love with your Molly. I had tears when I read your post. Our lives are full because of our girls. So sorry to hear about Bea's Mom. Another tough time to get through. Hopefully you will be able to make it south this year.

  5. I have had quite few pets in the past and am not ready to go thru the heartbreaking experience of loosing yet another. Enjoy your tome with here and lots of great memories.
    Sorry to hear about Bea's mother, hope all goes well and maybe we will see you on California this year.

  6. We humans are so fortunate to have our best Pals. I just wish we could have them forever. I have always been closer to my dogs than anything or anyone else. Yes, the soft touch of a paw indeed.............. .


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