Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lighthouse Days, Music and Breakfast above the Beach

DSC_0469-miEvery year Campobello is celebrating its Lighthouse Days with music, barbeque, fish chowder and lots of private vendors. Tonight we enjoyed live music at Head Harbour Lightstation. We had the perfect evening  with no wind and comfortable temps.
DSC_0444-mi    Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be shuttling visitors from the Campobello School to the Lighthouse area. Hopefully, many will use this opportunity.

DSC_0445-mi   DSC_0453-mi


Our day today began with a beach walk. At 8:30 I picked up two ladies from one of the motels, brought them to the beach from where I walked them over to “Con Robinson Point”. Meanwhile Bea had done her magic and created the most inviting breakfast table. When our two clients had ascended from the beach they had a hard time to believe that this was for them.
Who ever orders this beach-walk with breakfast will be treated like Royalty.
And we had the most fantastic weather today.


Thanks for coming over!

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