Friday, August 17, 2012

A Six-pack for a crew from Grand Manan

A reporter had asked a few weeks ago what the funniest thing was I ever had
experienced with a customer. At the time there wasn’t really anything I could answer, as I simply didn’t have any funny experience with any of our sightseeing guests.

However, that changed today. Down at the Park’s boat dock a boat had arrived from Grand Manan. The few passengers were in the FDR-cottage on the usual sightseeing. For me, it was a slow day with no customers in sight and I was just getting ready to leave the parking lot when the whole group emerged from the visitor center. Then I saw a man came running Olympic-style towards the van. I was  thinking EMERGENCY but when he – out of breath - fired his question I was stunned. He simply asked me to drive him to the grocery store – presto to get a six-pack for his Grand Manan boat passengers.
Now, how did that happen?

He was waving a 10-Dollar bill and I couldn’t but smile and he jumped right in.
10 minutes later we were back, and I drove him right down to the dock. There I met his few beer-hungry passengers and the captain of the whole bunch. They seemed to be in a heck of a hurry as they intended to go whale-watching with the whole group.

Finally something I can tell to my nieces children, should they ever get kids.

Thanks for coming by!


  1. Gotta have beer to watch whales right, makes them look bigger, or was the beer for the whales?

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