Monday, August 27, 2012

Did he come across the bridge or by swimming across the Narrows?

Whenever I was asked whether we had bears on the island I answered NO, as I have been told many times that the last bear had been seen a looong time ago.
But when I got to the Golf Course Restaurant the other day I saw a poster warning that bear tracks had been seen on the golf course. Also, the girl behind the counter could tell that her neighbour had actually seen a female with cubs.
And if that isn’t enough, today we saw bear-poop with ingredients of berries along a quiet forest trail in the Roosevelt Park.
The question now would be, did the bear wander across the bridge, maybe hidden by dense fog? Or did he swim the Narrows from Lubec? In the latter case he must’ve been roaming through town as the narrowest parts between Canada and the U.S. is along the Lubec town area.

When Bea saw 2 thrown-away beer bottles she was quick to grab them and clanging them together as we walked along the trail. She has done that kind of bear-scare back in Alberta, where we really had a lot of bears around. She used an empty beer can back then, put a couple of pebbles in it and shook the can as we had our (not-so-quiet) walk.

Regardless which way the bear took to Campobello. He is an illegal alien. He has done an illegal border crossing. There is no way he could have over from Deer Island. It would be way too far to swim.

Thanks for coming back here again.


  1. They may be great to take pictures of but I don't want them any where close to me.

  2. Very interesting how the bears came to you island, I guess you will never know.

  3. I guess the border patrol better reexamine their operation:) The big question is what is so tempting on the island to make the bears go to all that trouble?


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