Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29

The Day after
It's the title of a famous movie, but it was also the day after IRENE. But I better get started yesterday evening. That was the time when the power went off. Of course it didn't take us long to convert into real campers. I had the HONDA EU2000i in the garage. So that was placed outside the entry door and pretty soon a power cord snaked through under the door, feeding power to a lamp in the living room. 
As of this morning we still had a power outage. But we also got a blue sky, only in the north we could still see the grey clouds of IRENE disappear. 

After breakfast I went to the beach. The surf at Liberty Point was breathtaking and I ended up with 250 pictures. Huge waves were crashing against the rocks. The sea seemed to be boiling. The beach was totally changed as the surf had thrown up a ridge of rocks and the beachw as real steep. But it was low tide and I decided to come back around noon at high tide. getting back home the power had been restored.

The 2.visit at Liberty Point resultet in another 100 pictures. Already when coming around the last bend I saw white foamy spray rising high over Sugarloaf Rock.
This was incredible! It wasn't only a visible sensation but also an audible one. 
A few cars were parked there, some people we know also. Everybody was just in awe over nature's performance. One view Platform was still cordoned off as the spray had made the planks real slippery.

Next stop was at Mulholland Lighthouse, just across from Lubec,ME.

The tide had already turned and a rushing river was flooding out through the Lubec Narrows. A group of approx. 15 seals had found that the running out tide was a great opportunity to try get some supper. They were lingering aside of the biggest current, snapping up fish as they were coming with down their path.

But there was another group of creatures which had found about the fish supply. A bunch of gulls were eager diving after delicatessies as well. But of course they got into a brawl with eachother, and it wasn't always the one diving after the fish who finally got to taste it...(seems like in real life)

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