Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Did I mention the rain?

August 16

I think I did, in yesterday's posting. It started last evening and boy, it is still raining. Went over to Machias this morning for ordering the steel roofing, and I was glad I replaced the wiper blades the other week. And it wasn't even torrential rain, no it came (and comes) as slight and steady as ever. According to the weather-men it will keep raining until the wee hours today. 

When opening my eyes tomorrow I do expect to see the sun again, or else....
Getting the bugs off...
Dropped by my favorite building supply center and then on to the grocery  store.  

Gettin' back to the island I met a new customs officer, asking me where I lived.  That really stands out in stark contrast to the one a couple of weeks ago who looking ahead down the lane shouted back into the office "It's Peter".  
This is not a crop, but dandelions
I can't stop thinking of our upcoming trip down south.
Travel has always meant so much to me. Being a bit older now I have tried to figure out what's the real "behind-the-scenes" reason for it. And I must conclude that it probably is the adventure of the ahead lying unknown, which is so intriguing. I have never traveled with pre-booked overnight stays, on a pre-booked route. No, I love the freedom of a momentary decision, the discovery of places involved, and of course the moving ahead and change of places. Maybe I AM some kind of a gypsy, who knows.

Sculptures at Anza Borrego, CA

The change of living by the sea and going into the totally opposite -  a bone-dry desert, is "the salt in the soup".
But then North America was meant to be my kind of place. Europe does not offer the same opportunities, as you 

would not be able to do f.ex. dry-camping. There are very few area's in Europe where we have similar low population density as in North America. And with a high pop.density there goes the individual campers freedom.

So, yes I am looking forward to a new winter season down south.
And that's all for today.
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

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