Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30

The good life as an RV'er
Today it's just one month ago since we returned from our 9000-mile trip through the U.S. and Canada. That makes me think about how I enjoy life in an RV.
Ready for a cup of Coffee? - A break along the road
Traveling with an RV has a lot of benefits. Take f.ex. you have misplaced something, let's say a document. Unlike in your house where you have to search high and low through several rooms or even two stories, there is a good chance that you will find the document somewhere in a drawer of the RV, after all you have a pretty limited space at hand.
Parked out in the desert - 3 weeks or 3 months -- it doesn't matter
Space, is a keyword when it come to living in an RV. As we usually spend 6 months away from home, we feel that we require a certain amount of room around us. Thus we prefer our 40footer Bus. BUT, we also know couples who live in the smallest type RV, barely 15ft long and much narrower than our bus.    
Somewhere in the Carolina's
Important for all RV'ers is the feeling of Independence and freedom from a usual life at home. I also feel generally renewed and get back a notion of being part of an adventure. 
A stop along the Interstate
Another very nice thing is the camaraderie between RV'ers, and I think I have found out that it originates in the fact that people on the road and away from home are usually "off duty", meaning retired or at least semi-retired. If I feel any stress underway, I know I've done it to myself. Nobody else can be blamed for it. I am the one having tons of time, I can wait at the border for hours, if necessary, as I have everything I need within my reach.
If the weather turns bad, I can simply park for a day or two and wait it all out. It has happened, and will happen again.
Crossing State borders - how many have we done....?
Being on the road I never need to make a reservation if I don't want to. I can always pull in on a truck-stop or an empty space behind a gas station for the night. I never need to be annoyed about slow service in a restaurant as my supper is cooked and served right here - in my RV.

Then there are all the beautiful places we can visit, nothing is too far away, it'll just take a couple of extra days. National Parks, State Parks and even regional Parks are mostly great places to visit. And it is really easy to drop-in with friends and family - as you'll bring your very own accommodation with you.
An early morning in Montana
Of course there are also responsibilities, like f.ex. checking on my vehicles safety features. Tires and air-pressure needs to be checked daily, all lights around the rig have to work a.s.o. but if I keep my rig serviced it won't give me any major problems.
Eager to get going... our true friend and travel companion
"On the Road again" is a popular old song and we play it occasionally when rolling down the Interstate. 

We just hope that gas prices are not climbing to even higher astronomical levels. It will have a devastating effect on RV'ing and the RV-industry as a whole.

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