Monday, June 27, 2011

Wild Fires in Arizona and New Mexico

June 27

During our last winter trip we also visited parts of New Mexico and Arizona. 
Areas in New Mexico along the border to Arizona are now burning. So is the area west of Los Alamos, a city which is host to America's biggest High-Tech Lab. 18,000 people are living in Los Alamos and the city is been ordered evacuated. On the picture below you can see the lights of the city with a giant fire burning on a ridge behind (west) of the city. The fire is approaching fast.

In danger and evacuated is also the Bandelier National Monument, where we had wonderful days exploring the ancient caves up along the valley. The fires there are threatening the freshly renovated visitor center. The Park Administration has removed artifacts from their facilities. Our hearts are heavy with sorrow when we see these wonderful landscapes being a victim of those fires. We also feel terribly sorry for the people of all the evacuated towns and cities in Arizona and New Mexico, people who have lost everything they owned.

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