Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Day Out To See Fellow Bloggers

Besides of being a “ZOO”, Quartzsite is also a great place to meet up with friends. Yesterday we had fellow blogger Jim Melvin from “Jimbo’s Journeys” come over from La Posa West where he camps with the “Lazy Daze” RVers.
First time we met Jim was at
Belle Starr’s Ranch in Southern Arizona. Together with Chuck we were busy renovating an ancient building. After that we have met Jim co-incidentally in various places. Once I saw him right here at Q-site when both of us were busy at the dump and water station.
Today we drove up to Congress,AZ to meet Al, Kelly and the Pheebs from the
Bayfield Bunch. The weather was cloudy and at times even rainy. Nevertheless it’s always interesting to see a different kind of landscape.
We were curious to see their beautiful south-western style home. The ride from Q-site took a little less than 2hrs, and after showing us around on their nice property, we went inside. Both have done a marvelous job of transforming an average looking house into a treasure chest. The decorations with very well chosen colors are just phantastic. But the transformation didn’t halt at the inside of the house. Nope, also the exterior has undergone some magic.

1-DSC_0166          1-DSC_0168
           Trying to get the dogs in the row…
A 200+ year old Saguaro is guarding the front entrance, and if that isn’t enough there are other old and new cacti around the property.

 1-DSC_0174 1-DSC_0183

Obviously the Pheebs was thrilled to see visitors coming by and grabbing a squeaky ball she raced around in the house eagerly trying to get all attention,
What a wonderful companion they got in the Pheebs.

Kelly had made a great lunch in the oven and pretty soon we were all seated around a big dining table eating and talking. Of course, much of the conversation was about our RV adventures.

Being 10 years of age Molly wasn’t quite up to the wild games Pheebs was trying to get her into and Bea put her in our van where she slept on the bed until it was time to head back to Q-site.


On our trip we got some heavy rain, but could see a much lighter sky out to the west, and before we were back on I-10 the rain had stopped entirely and even the sun got out for a while.

So, even though the weather wasn’t perfect, it was a great day. Thank you Al and Kelly!

And Thank YOU for dropping in on this.


  1. Sounds like a great day for you guys. Poor Molly looks tuckered out.

  2. Always great catching up with fellow RV'ers isn't it. So happy to hear you had such a great day.

  3. Thanks for driving all the way up from Quartzsite to see us today. Remember, if your ever up this way just haul your rig in & set a spell. Nice seeing you folks today. Pheebs is racing around right now with her red 'squeaker ball'.

  4. So nice that you met Al and Kelly and got to see their new house in person. Sucha super couple. We met them last year when we were in Quartzsite as well, this was before they had purchased their home in Congress.

  5. Isn't it fun? There's so much to do and see around Quartzsite. Hope you get your Big Tent shopping done soon. I hear there are bargains on Sunday.

  6. It sure was nice seeing you both, plus Mollie as well.


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