Friday, January 25, 2013

Where Is The Arizona Sun?

This morning we woke to a grey sky and except for a few moments the sun stayed behind dark clouds. When also a cool breeze sprang up we found it better to leave our outside seats for the cozy inside of the trailer.
We did leave the trailer after lunch to get to town for laundry, but were back after less than 2hrs. It hit me again how much I dislike high density traffic. It is amazing how many vehicles were passing through the I-10Bus intersection today. Everywhere we go there is a line-up.
As we are parked close to the dumping station we can watch the wait line to get to the dump, and while it normally shortens during the midday hours, today the line was extremely long all day

Just now I am listening to the weather reports and it appears that lots of rain is on the way to hit our area.

Well, we have seen severe rainfalls before and especially from mid-January to mid-February, and it sure will bring out the beautiful spring flowers in the desert.

That’s all there is to report from Quartzsite today!

Thanks again for stopping by.


  1. We were wondering where the Arizona sun went too. However, it really is a change to have this patter on our roof. I bet we all sleep very sound tonight.

  2. According to the forecast we won't be seeing any sunshine until at least Sunday. Easier for me being couped up inside as when the sun is out I'm longing to be out !!!

    You guys are the GREATEST for doing all of that laundry for me. And that was a LOT of laundry !! Another thing done and off my mind.

  3. We surprised ourselves by ending up in Quartzsite as well but it was all business. No tourist stuff this time:))

  4. It is the busiest week to be there in the Q. Things will quiet down by next week considerably.

  5. We had our first day or rain here in Palm Springs on Friday but Saturday morning is looking much more promising. Maybe this will head over to Quartzsite for you guys.

  6. Q is much more our style once February rolls around. Lots of folks enjoy the meet-ups, but my idea of a good social event is you and us meeting for coffee. Too much is too much for me.

    Did you get crazy rains? We sure did here in Tucson.

  7. So glad that we had the opportunity to meet you two! Hopefully, we will see you down the road.

  8. Hi Peter and Beatrix-- My sister-in-law Peggy Kravchuk told me about your Blog as I am headed out to the AZ desert March 20th to meet my friend Fred and travel in our RV through southwestern AZ to northern CA and back to ME. We are really enjoying your blog and pictures! Great pic of the mountains and clouds today. We have reservations for the Lost Dutchman and Catalina State Parks and a few others, and are thinking we want to stay in Ajo, too. Wonder if we need reservations throughout this area? Sounds busy there. I am interested in what your general route back to Campobello is-- we want to go through Canada, and are wondering if it will still be winter there! Faith (Hamilton) Griffith


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