Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The “ZOO”

We were rolling in at La Posa South at about 1:30pm. On the way up we were met by hundreds of RVs going south. Was Quartzsite emptying out?
1-DSC_0075 1-DSC_0076

Well we got the answer pretty quick. The flats at La Posa are plastered with RVs as far as one can see. This is not the most quiet spot on earth, in fact there is a lot of traffic going by.  At times RVs would be going by almost bumper to bumper.
1-DSC_0080 1-DSC_0081
                                  All kind of rigs can be found at Quartzsite1-DSC_0082
Interesting for any newcomer is that one would need a whole lot of time to get the holding tanks emptied. Why? well, there is a line-up of sorts in front the only dump station.
 1-DSC_0084 1-DSC_0091
Quartzsite is a “ZOO” and we, the visitors, pose as the monkeys.

Thanks again for visiting!



  1. It is a zoo, but you missed the big crowds, enjoy your time there, were are really missing Arizona this year.

  2. After visiting Quartzsite 4 years in a row we said, enough is enough is enough already!!

  3. It is a zoo. Funny you took a picture of the flame on that motorhome. We saw it too just before we stopped to visit with you. Glad you could join the zoo with us!


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