Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Big Meeting Place And The Rain Stopped

The big gathering of RVs at Quartzsite also leads to meeting up with friends.
We knew that Reinhold and Jenny would be in the vicinity and sure enough I received a text message that we could find them at mile marker 99 in the big 14-day free-area.
The rain had continued over night and large puddles had appeared in the washes, but for now it seemed the rain had stopped.
1-DSC_0246        1-DSC_0254
We decided to drive over to the free area without the trailer and see whether we could spot the German couple’s RV somewhere, then go back and get the trailer. We looked many places but couldn’t see them anywhere. Turning back to La Paz Road Bea spotted a small RV heading towards Hwy95. It turned out to be Reinhold and Jenny. We sped up to them and they must have seen us in the mirror, for they stopped on the shoulder.
1-DSC_0255        1-DSC_0259
They told us that they had been stuck in the sand and were about to head to town. So we decided to follow them.
Parked in front of the library Jenny made tea for us and we caught up on what had happened. When they had arrived at the free area it had been dark and Reinhold had crossed a sandy spot. What they weren’t aware of was that the long rain and weakened the ground and the rig had gone down in the sand.

Later they had found a helpful guy with a big 4X4 truck who had pulled them out.

Anyway, we decided to go back there and get our trailer over there as well.

We intend to stay another night and go back to Holtville on Monday.
1-DSC_0272  And this morning I caught up with Mr.Moon

The weather has just turned back to it’s usual blue sky and we are looking forward to enjoy this Sunday to it’s fullest.

Thanks for moving along with us.


  1. With all the rain around there sure are a lot of places to sink into. You can't even walk without getting muddy shoes. Thank goodness that rain has moved on elsewhere.

  2. Nice that you found your friends and did not get stuck too.

  3. Sure glad I had a chance to see you guys even though briefly. I'm still hoping to get to Holtville before I have to return to Canada.


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