Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Plan Or Not A Plan?

We had been thinking of slipping up to Quartzsite for a few days over the coming week and since we were already traveling also make a run to Los Angeles for seeing the Space Shuttle at the Science Center. But the plan had a flaw. The flaw was that there are very few reasonable RV-parks close to the city. And I just hate to pay 60 bucks for a night of parking, and one night wouldn’t even do.
Without a dog we could choose a place farther away, but the total time of traveling time and visiting the Science Center is just too much. And you know you can’t just leave Molly in the van.
Re. Quartzsite I have a few reservations as well. First of all it’s flu season. Chances to catch a nasty flu strain are increasing when one moves into a big crowd (like in Quartzsite) Secondly I hate traffic congestion and there might be good chances to get into just that at Quartzsite during the “Big Tent Event”.
But we might still come. :-))

I still haven’t found the guy I was looking for yesterday. I suspect he is at Quartzsite. I have asked many people out here, but nobody seems to know him. M Y S T E R Y

If he isn’t popping up I have a solar panel for sale!
Above my blog I have noticed a small green bar on the upper right corner. It kinda looks like a bar you’d find on a cell phone indicating the strength of reception. Never noticed that before and I have no idea what that means. If I visit another blog it turns grey. S T R A N G E!

1-Mines (42)-mi  1-Mines (38)-mi

                                         Typical sales booth at Quartzsite

Thanks for hanging on.



  1. Traffic is worse on the weekend than during the week in Quartzsite. Come during the week.

  2. Good luck with finding the solar panel guy.
    We have been there for six years , except this one, and always took the car our before 9am or after 3 o'clock. We were camped close enough that we could walk to the big tent and Tyson wells.

  3. If you guys do decide to come here, I'll wave to you from a DISTANCE !! You DON'T want to catch what I got !

    1. Sassy, I am sooo sorry to hear that! That sounds desperate. Be better soon!


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