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Monday, March 21, 2011

Our journey 2010/2011       
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Since November 01. we have been in our favorite spot at the Hot Springs in Holtville, CA. However, when the days get longer, and the heat increases (meaning up to 89-90 F.) we get itchy to hit the road and see something else in this great country. So on march 11 we left the Hot Springs and went on to Mittry Lake, just north of Yuma. Mittry Lake is a beautiful area, but camping there has a few drawbacks. 

The area is heavily frequented by anglers. So when the weekend rolls around they are coming in numbers. The road along the lake is a dirt road and the boaters do not care a bit to slow down, when they pass a campsite. So needless to say the dust from the road is not what we want. Also, once on the lake some fishermen feel the urgency to show off with their +250hk out-boarders. They scare away every bird who had the idea of nesting along the shores of the lake. 
So, after 2 nights we buggered off towards the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument south of WHY.
Just south of this tiny village the BLM has a 14 day free-camping-area. When arriving there, only 8 rigs were parked there.  The area is very quiet and the desert beautiful. I guess in January it can get very cold there, at least that was what we heard from the host.

A mighty Saguaro Cactus with beginning arms

Entrance to the Park

An Organ Pipe Cactus

The Organ Pipe Cactus Monument is worth a visit. After a stop-in at the visitor center we took the 21-mile Ajo-Mountain round trip. The road is part dirt road, part paved. 

On march 16 we moved over to Benson and stayed a night at the Red Barn RV-Park. 

Our next stop is Belle Starr's Ranch at Bisbee. 
Vi learned about Belle from other bloggers that she invites boondocking campers on to her property. If you lend a hand to help her maintain the ranch or feed the many animals you can stay free on her property.

Sunset from the Silverado Ranch

The last sun rays

So if you want to visit her place, you drive down Arizona HWY 80 towards Douglas. A few miles south of Bisbee you will find Belle's SILVERADO ranch on the south-side of the Highway.

We got immediately involved in restoring part of the old original farm house. It had a sagging porch and needed to be lifted into a  horizontal position again.

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