Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rolling “Home” Again


guess the day was too busy for me to write a post yesterday. I just about remember it today, that I forgot. Well let’s see whether we can get  a new posting underway.
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From Quartzsite we started early. The whether men had predicted lots of wind and I hate to drive any high profile vehicle in crosswinds.
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So, of course, at 7:30am(PST) the highway was still pretty empty. We had a gorgeous blue sky – not a cloud around.
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Bea took all the pictures. It took us about 1 hour to get to Yuma. What a difference coming from the high desert into this town. All-of-a-sudden there is so much green. The landscape is filled with far stretching vegetable fields, some of them standing in the middle of harvest. The recent rain has made harvesting a little difficult, as the ground has turned into a brown gumbo, which will not tolerate any heavy machinery. We also saw a vegetable sales stand, which literally had sunk into the ground, the tables now askew, with cabbages threatening to roll down. It was a pretty poor sight.
1-DSC_0390 Had we been going down the highway in near solitude from Quartzsite, then all of that changed now, as we got into the city. Yuma traffic can be quite annoying, and this morning there was no exception, as a long line of vehicles tried to get into the center.

I had been watching the fuel gauge for a while, and by now It had come precariously close into the red. I wanted to fill up in Yuma at the “Super Fuels Station”, which has held the lowest fuel and propane prices for years, but I was pretty nervous as we skipped along I-8 to the Giss Parkway exit. When we stopped at the pump the gauge was below the red mark. Whew…
I never know how much I can rely on that fuel gauge, so I rarely run it down that far. The “reward” of course, was that fuel was down to $2.89/gal and propane at a low $1.69/gal.

Soon we were back on the I-8 again and heading west into the “bankruptcy” State of California. Interestingly, fuel prices had been on the rise again and had hit 3.57/gal. Quite the difference!
1-DSC_0407Almost automatically I steered the rig up exit 131 Van Der Linden Road, turned down from the overpass and doubled back on Evan Hewes Highway towards the Hot Springs LTVA.
I had the distinct feeling of coming HOME. After visiting this place since 2005 this is our winter retreat. Here we became friends with good folks from many places, and we enjoy the fact that just about everyone knows everyone. It is the feel of a good neighborhood, as we also have it in our place up north.

”Sassy” mentioned in her last posting that she now has an “RV-Family” and that is precisely what we feel as well.

I backed the trailer into it’s usual spot, we got our solar panels out, and got all set up within the hour.

After lunch I decided to take a trip to town to get drinking water and fill up our fridge.

Later, we relaxed over a nice supper and closed the day around a nice bonfire with good friends.

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  1. That feeling of belonging is precious. Happy you have found it for summer and winter.

  2. Sounds like an end to a wonderful day. Glad we got to share some time with you and hopefully we'll be able to do it again. One of these days we may surprise you and spend a little time at Holtville.

  3. Sure sounds like the perfect day to me ! Amazing though the price differences. Yesterday, Here in Q the gas at the Shell was $3.18/G. Today it is $3.39/G !! And of course Propane is still $2.75. Someone is making BIG profits.

  4. Glad you made it back safely without running out of gas.

    Far from going bankrupt, California's Governor just announced a budget for 2013-14 that wipes out the deficit and creates a balanced budget for California - the first since the recession. Never underestimate California!!

    1. It's about time! With the fees they are raking in they should be able to balance the budget! But it's amazing what one guy can do to fix up things.

  5. Glad managed to fuel up in time, and get all settled in at home again. Enjoy the Hot Springs for us.

  6. wow scary on the gas gauge...glad you made it to the pump...enjoy your stay at HS :)


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