Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bitching About The Cold And A Slight Warm-up Is Coming Down The Road

After several days of bitching about the cold weather we can finally be looking forward to see a slight warming coming our way. Mind you, I say “slight” as we won’t have a clean heat wave coming at us either.

Of course, with all the sunshine I dared to take my book and sit outside today. And it would have been just right if there wouldn’t have been the still icy breeze blowing at me from around the corner.

Bea took advantage of this hopefully last cool day by getting into the baking Department making her delicious peanut-butter-cookies. And just like people would sense the new supply of cookies, here someone comes visiting snooping up “my” cookies. Bea said as she was the maker of them she owns them and I had no rights to them, ;-))( so she could give them to anyone she desired. Not that we had a serious argument about it, but it’s just so much fun teasing each other.

We have been considering a trip to Q-site, but have been holding off hoping that the cold weather would cease.  Meanwhile I have ordered another batch of solar panels for people and I don’t know yet what time they will arrive. I need to be present when they come, so as soon as I know, we’ll make a decision whether or not we will be coming up to Q-site.

camp (1)-mi

 At Quartzsite January 2012

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  1. We are sure looking forward to the warmer weather, sounds like they are having lots of fun in Quartzsite!

  2. While I have no desire to go to Q. for all those festivities, I'd go just about anywhere if the weather were warmer! If I sat outside to read here in TX I wouldn't even be able to turn the pages of the book!

  3. Yes for sure the COLD has been the topic of conversation everywhere. Although today was much better, the air did feel like it was coming right off the ATLANTIC Ocean. And both of us being East Coasters we know what that feels like huh !

  4. Enjoy Quartzsite, we are missing all of the fun out there, even the cold weather.

  5. Today we're back in the 70's and the weatherman is saying those temperatures are going to hang around for a while. I'm certainly ready for it.

  6. Hope you guys can make it up this way. The weather is fantastic and the show is about to start. Let me know when you are coming up here as I would like to meet up with you.


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