Saturday, January 12, 2013

The 28th Annual El Centro Snowbird Breakfast

Even though I arrived 7:50am a line had already formed for registration.
Yep, you gotto be up early to get a place in the line. It was time for the annual Snowbird Breakfast at the El Centro Chamber of Commerce.
1-DSC_1336 I had anticipated a lot colder morning but the sun warmed up the air very fast.

Staff was already standing by to make pancakes serve the maple syrup and fill the coffee cups. But first both National Anthems were sung, with the Canadian being first.
People had bought raffle tickets and after breakfast it was time to walk the round to the many sales booths.

For me it is most interesting to eyeball the old car show. Quite a few old  Ford models were shown. I would have loved to have my LTD Convertible down here, but I guess it’s just too inconvenient.
1-DSC_1342 1-DSC_1341
1-DSC_1345 1-DSC_1344
1-DSC_1346-001 1-DSC_1348


After the show I went shopping, dropped into Lowes to get a few items I needed for completing my battery container.


A couple of hours of work and the box was secured to the tongue of the trailer.
All I had left was putting in the batteries and reconnecting them.

Thanks again for stopping by!


  1. The snowbird breakfast is always a good time, we are so much missing Arizona this year, hopefully next year.

  2. Peter, Those panels are HUGE. Do you plan on permanently mounting them at some point?

  3. Love those old cars. I'm loving the sunshine but sure wish the air temp would warm up.

  4. Your LTD would have really stood out!


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