Thursday, January 10, 2013

And The Air Turned Yellow

You probably know the expression when one says “The air turned blue”, meaning someone swearing real bad. Out here the air turned yellow during this afternoon, the reason not being anyone swearing but a very strong wind, - well it’s a real sandstorm.
In expectation of a few rather cloudy days I went to Holtville to fetch some gas for – well – our generator. Besides of having a problem keeping the van on the right side of the road the view out the windshield got obscured by massive amounts of flying sand. I can hardly remember having seen so much of it in the Imperial Valley. We have seen it in the Imperial Dunes once, but they have a lot more fine sand out there.

Being in Holtville I stopped by the Donut store where they make fullsize donuts the old fashioned way. No shortcuts there, no Sir, but then they are 85cts a piece too.

Coming back our trailer was rocking in the gusts. We had secured all lose parts and are currently just hunkering down waiting for the storm to pass.


  1. And that would be why we are still in AJ. We haven't had any wind here yet and hopefully we don't get any.

  2. Hope the wind passes you by and leaves you there. Batten down the hatches.

  3. Been very gusty here in Q as well ! And I have my (dreaded) generator running as we speak. Hate the damn things but sometimes a necessary evil huh.

  4. Ditto the wind over here in Quartzsite. At times you couldn't even see the nearby mountains. It is just a good day to stay indoors!


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